B i o g r a p h y


born in Avenhorn Netherlands, 2 november 1969

lived in Alphen aan den Rijn, went to school and college, received Havo diploma in1989

The Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, 1989-1993, received diploma in1993

concentrated on my art, didn't expose my works much between 1993 en 2006.

received subsidy from Stroom AOP-regeling (fl 7000,- ) 1995

used an etalage to exhibit my works in the Nobelstraat in Den Haag 1999

raised initiative Zikel Stationsweg 75 in Den Haag 1999, organised exhibitions between mai 1999 and januari 2000

membership Haagse Kunstkring 2006

2009 settled in Rijswijk ZH Netherlands

2011 married, 1 child (daughter)